LostLoves Publishing, a member of Book Publishers Northwest, publishes LostLoves BookClub ebooks and paperbacks.  By putting two or more titles in one book, the club can provide a lower price. 
BookClub editions contain the complete editions of included books.

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Mudflat Magic 1,2,3  includes the first three Mudflat novels in one large volume.
3 Teen Books includes That Boy on the Cover and Try a Switchstance, both originally published by Avon, and Cast Down the Stars, fantasy, first published as a hardcover by Holt, Rinehart, Winston. 

Sunspinners 1, 2 includes Demonspell and Demonhold in ebook and paperback. 


 Turning Vampire 1,2 contains the first two novels of the Turning Vampire series. Also available now in paperback.     Kindle

Rock's Dogs includes the three previously published short story collections titled, Guard Dog?, Watch Dog?, and Vegan Dog?, plus the new Kitchen Dog?, for a total of 12 stories. This book is available in ebook and a very pretty paperback, a popular gift for dog lovers.       Kindle

Turning Vampire 3,4 is now available in ebook and paperback.

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Tippy Tree's Christmas Adventure
contains the two Tippy Tree picture books, Tippy Tree's Christmas and Tippy Tree After Christmas. These are in full color and fit on most ereaders and tablets and other reading devices. Merry Christmas! (Available during Christmas season only)

Campus Couples includes two contemporary romance novels in one volume and is available  in ebook and paperback.    Kindle  

 Mudflat Magic 4, 5 has two more Mudflat Magic novels, Spice and Sorcery, book 4, and Goldilocks Hits Town, book 5.  Kindle

Sunspinners 3, 4 includes Demonprice and Demonfire.  Kindle